About Kahaani

Kahaani is emerging to be one of the most celebrated platforms for the Artist (Poet, Shaayar, and Writer) and the Amazing People around the Globe who has given a huge contribution to the people’s Life

Kahaani celebrates the Beauty of Life, Every Life Matters is what the belief, from being a platform to the artist to giving a tribute to all the amazing people, here we are to guide motivate and inspire to celebrate many years of wonderful stories

We are unstoppable, a lot to unfold…..

Founders Story

Tabassum Sayed Dafedar

Entrepreneur | Motivational Speaker | Artist

A Girl child with Million dreams, someone who carve the dreams to a reality, A Performer

She is a BCA Graduate, started her career in 2013 working into different profiles, from Executive to Management, she performed all the art of being a perfect Businesswoman, in 2017 she formed a Media company with his friend Hunain Bagaban DumpBox Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., since then tirelessly working across India and international too, from dealing with critical management to be the head for the creative artwork, she is someone who believes in Perfection with HonestyThe idea of KAHAANI was since her childhood, finally, it took shape in the year 2019 to support the budding artist (WRITER POET SHAAYAR BLOGGER) and capturing stories that create a huge impact in the society, as she believes every story matters.

Apart from the business, she is involved in guiding youths on life and career, take active participation as a startup guide, she lives her passion in many forms, from being a standup Hindi poet to being a host of her chat show CHAT WITH TABASSUM, she is truly a perfect woman to be inspired A soul who believes in 3 simple rules of Life HONESTY | NEVER QUIT | A SMILE

Hunain Bagaban

A passionate artist by heart Mr. Hunain Bagaban. He is extremely passionate about making films and creating video content. The skill of making films is what he has mastered over a period of time.

With a zeal to turn his passion into a profession, he kick-started his career in 2015, and in no time he along with Tabassum Sayed Dafedar started a company DumpBox Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. in 2017 and later Founded Kahaani The Untold Stories in 2019. He has done his post-graduate program in Mass Communication and Journalism Specialized in Video Production form Maharashtra Institute of Technology’s International School Broadcast and Journalism Pune. And a Bachelor's degree in Commerce from the Karnataka University Dharwad. Holding years of Industry experience which makes him the best at what he does.


Dr. Prakash Mugali

Dr. Prakash is a powerhouse in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation and martial arts. He holds a Bachelor degree in Electronics, a Postgraduate Diploma in Finance and very interestingly a PhD in Martial Science. He realized the potential of microwave technology and founded Enerzi Microwave Systems Pvt. Ltd. in 2007 and today his company is the leading materials processing solutions provider of our country with 7 prestigious Awards and 5 patents. A much more interesting aspect about him is that he is a professional Martial Artist with a 2nd Degree Blackbelt in Unarmed Combat, trained by Grandmaster Deepak Rao, Indias legendary highest grandmaster of martial arts. Dr. Prakash has represented India in the World Championship of Full Contact MMA in Russia in 2017. He is an AIJH instructor of Bruce Lee's JKD and a Sensei to many in Belagavi. He is also a Mentor to Entrepreneurs and a Certified Independent Director.

Truly a multi-dimensional personality, Dr. Prakash is inspirational and is a role model for the budding young entrepreneurs and innovators, motivating them to embrace any challenge they face in life without compromising on a holistic lifestyle.